ties trendIn the field of necktie fashion there are two quite different trends:
– the tie is combined always casual.
– the ties are getting narrowe,
– monochrome ties,
– combine a tie with a pouch,

A tie combine casual style
Ties are worn more and more like an accessory to a casual outfit. As an example, a loosely hanging shirt on a pair of jeans and matching a narrow tie. The tie must in this case be loose and nonchalant bound. Preferably select a Suitable solid color tie. An example: A light blue dress shirt, a white tie and a blue jeans. Or: A white shirt, dark blue tie to match a, and a dark blue jeans. For a more elegant outfit you can wear a vest so. Wear closed the vest. Also make sure that the knot of the tie well connects the collar of your dress shirt. You can also wear a tie under the neck of a V neck sweater. Read more tips on tie combinations. Additional information about wearing the right tie on various occasions, visit the Dress Code page for ties.

Narrow Ties
The standard width for ties is between 8 and 8.5 cm. Three years ago, the width was 9 cm, ten years ago it was still 9.5 to 10 cm. In addition, there is a trend, it comes from the fashion mecca Italy: Skinny Ties. This narrow ties have a width of 6 to 7 cm.

Monochrome Ties
The design of the tie is different from time to time. In the sixties there were many ties with colorful floral patterns. In the seventies Ties were modern with cartoon characters. In the eighties, very wide ties with shrill style were fashionable. In the nineties, the designs were a little quieter. Nowadays, it is mainly the plain ties that prevail: from calm dark blue through to fashionable pink or lime green.

Ties combine with a pouch
The pouch or pocket square has once again become quite fashionable. It is even so hip that it is often combined with jeans with a casual shirt and jacket. So without a tie. Opt but for a tie? Then select the Pochette in the same color as the tie. Increasingly offer Menswear Shops Pochettes in structure and color of the ties on.