Tie selection

tie-barIn the Etalage a transaction, a combination look very beautiful, such. As a tie with check pattern on a striped shirt. Once at home with your new checkered tie, it seems that they can be not so easy with the striped dress shirt that you have hanging in the closet, combine.

What you need to consider when combining your tie with your shirt and suit?

Step 1. Select the first suit, you want to wear, then the shirt and finally the tie.

Step 2. Insert the suit, for which you have chosen, sprawled on the bed. To get a good view of the combination that you want to wear. Then choose a shirt with your suit. Until now, can not go wrong so much. For a dark blue, dark gray or black suit in a monochrome version fit all dress shirts. With or without stripes, with or without diamonds or other patterns. Select a pinstripe suit, then pay attention to the stripe size. Is it a discreet dash, then to both monochrome and striped dress shirts can be combined very well. The striking of the strip, the better, you may choose a monochromatic shirt. A shirt with a distinctive striped pattern, with plaids or floral motifs can be very difficult to combine with a bold pinstripe suit. For security, you can better choose a single color shirt.

Step 3. Are you satisfied with the selection of your suit and dress shirt? Then now is the tie to the series. Where you previously had to pay attention only to the design, it is now also important to pay attention to the correct color.

tie-color-combination    The suit in dark blue, gray or black with no pattern or without subtle pinstripes, combined with a white shirt. Almost all ties are good to wear to this combination, such as an eye-catching lime green tie or a dark blue tie with a Paisly patterns , You can use it almost never wrong.
The suit in dark blue, gray or black with no pattern or without subtle pinstripes, combined with a solid light blue or light pink shirt: The design of the tie can be just about anything. Solid color, striped or “All Over” circles, anything goes. The only thing you need to look at this combination, is the tie color. A tie in a slightly darker shade than the shirt makes almost always good. As an example, a blue tie with or without stripe pattern or a design on a light blue dress shirt. Opt for a solid color tie, then a lot of combinations are possible. A monochrome purple tie or a light blue or light pink tie are both very good combinations. Once you choose a patterned or striped tie, you must take good care. As long as the color of your dress shirt returns somewhere in the tie, your combination will usually be very good.
The suit in dark blue, gray or black without pattern or with no pinstripes, in combination with a patterned shirt: Your first choice should be a solid color tie. For a plain tie, you can almost never go wrong. If you put a stripe pattern or a different design in your tie? Then be sure that the pattern of her dress shirt is finer than that of the tie. A shirt with wide stripes with a tie with narrow strips is most not a good thing. A tie with stripes wider than the shirt is almost always better. This also applies plaid dress shirts. In addition, designs, confusion mixed, not a good idea. A striped shirt with a checkered tie can act quickly restless. Surely then, if you still want to experiment with colors.
The suit in dark blue, gray or black with eye-catching Pinstripe: This suit asks out for a plain shirt and a plain tie. As z. B. a dark gray pinstripe suit, combined with a white shirt and red tie. This is stylish and fashionable. Stand in front of the shop window and you doubt which tie They should buy? Read on for more tips and information on buying a tie.