How to Tie a Necktie

How to Tie a Necktie

Everything you need to know about how to tie a necktie and some helpful tips to pick the perfect one for each occasion.

While it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when men began to stop dressing up and instead opt for more casual looks – even in professional sectors – the fact of the matter is that for 40 years or so is this has been the norm.

And while we are likely to never again see the days of men in three piece suits heading out to the ballgame, flying on an airplane, or just getting dressed up each and every time they step outside, men all over the world have been starting to upgrade their style in just the last few years. Men are wearing suits, closely fitting clothing, and better and better options across the board – but they are still struggling with choosing, tying, and wearing the right necktie.

The necktie is an essential and mission critical component to real style

Maybe one of the most important parts of any elegant and classy outfit, your necktie may not look like it is the anchor of your specific outfit, but you’d be foolish to believe anything less.

The one key component that pulls everything together, giving your entire look the pop and personality that you are expecting, you have to ensure that you’ve not only chosen the right tie for a specific occasion (as well as one that perfectly matches the shirt, pants, and jacket that you’ve decided to wear) but also that you’ve chosen the right knot to set you apart from everyone else out there. Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t just a single way to wear a necktie, something that will touch on in just a moment.

Selecting the right necktie in the first place – and then learning exactly how to tie a necktie

Really quickly, we are going to go over the selection process you should be going through mentally when it comes to finding the perfect necktie for whatever you are wearing as well as the right choice for the right occasion. Obviously, all rules are not set in stone or poured in concrete – you’ll want to find the ones that suit your personality and style right down to the ground while trying to stay away from the looks that are not exactly ideal.

Make sure you choose the right size for your body type and style

This is probably the most important detail – aside from the actual color and pattern that you choose – and will have the biggest impact on whether or not your necktie pulls the whole look together. Slim and really thin ties are coming quickly back into style, thanks to the worldwide sensation that is Mad Men. However, most men will want to stick with a more traditionally sized and shaped necktie – one that has a bit of bulk and heft to it at the end.

You’ll also want to make sure that the tie hits the top of your belt buckle and is no more than 4 inches wide. Of course, make sure that the narrower and that is up by your collar fits perfectly in the notch that your collar creates at your neck, as one that is too big or bulky can really throw things off dramatically.

Choose the right color and texture

This will depend entirely on how much of a statement you want to make with the outfit that you’re wearing, and is something you’ll have to eyeball to pull off perfectly. Of course, remember that complementary colors and colors on opposite ends of the spectrum are the best way to move forward – and stay away from novelty patterns no matter what the occasion.

Easy tie knot

Easy tie knot

How to tie a Necktie – Four in Hand Knot

First we will start off with the four in hand knot – probably the most popular necktie knot out there right now.

You’ll want to start with your shirts collars flipped up and the middle button securely fastened. Next you’ll lay necktie around your neck and inside of the collar so that the wider part of the tie hangs significantly lower than the narrow side. Keeping the broadside in your dominant hand is probably the easiest way to do this, though you can certainly flip sides if you’re more comfortable that way.

Then you’ll want to wrap the wider side of the necktie around the back of the narrow end, bringing it around to the front with one hand while still keeping the narrow and in position – trying to lock in a loop that the wrapping has created.

You’ll want to do this one more time but then bring the wide end through the top of the loop that you’ve created – hitting the tip of your chin with the end of the necktie – and then bringing the whole thing back through the loop that you’ve created. Pulling the wide end of the tie down (but not too tightly) will help you to secure the tie and get the proper link that you’re looking for while tugging on the narrow and will bring the knot up higher to your neck and collar – making for the perfect look.

Half Windsor

Half Windsor

How to Tie a Necktie – The Windsor Tie Knot

Another of the more traditional looking necktie knots, the Windsor knot is perfect for business meetings, office work, or special occasions where seriousness is required. Obviously you’ll want to start very similarly to the four in hand not, with the wider and of the necktie a bit longer than the narrower end.

You’ll want to start off by looping the wider side behind the narrower side twice, keeping your fingers between the narrow and the wider and to maintain a small pocket. Then fold the wider and up through the back and out the other side, making sure to come across the front of the loop and then making one more. This should look a bit like a buffalo head, which is why it is frequently called the Bison not. All you’ll have to do now is bring the larger around to the front once more, shooting through the final pocket and then tighten up the noose carefully until you’ve gotten exactly the kind of look that you’re going for.

While you’ll find that there are a number of other methods to learn how to tie a necktie – especially looking at videos you can find online – you’ll find an endless amount of information on this specific topic just by clicking the link below. We hope this helps.