Easy tie knot – Four In Hand

Easy tie knot

Easy tie knot

One of the most popular tie knots is the Four in Hand Knot. It is said that this is the only tie knot, which is given from father to son on. The remaining tie knot will be provided in due course of your life to learn yet. The Four in hand, however, is suitable as a tie knot to excellent to be handed down from generation to generation.

When should I choose the Four in Hand knot?

Actually, you can opt for this tie knot always. It is suitable for any Ties thickened and adapts to many types collar. The Four in Hand knot is fairly thin and asymmetrical. Do you want a slightly fuller tie knots? Then select the Windsor knot. Would you rather not asymmetrical tie knot? Then, the half Windsor knot is a good choice. Regarding the thickened, the half Windsor knot is sized between the Four in Hand and the Double Windsor Knoten.

Where does the name “Four-in-Hand”?

This famous tie knot comes from the Year 1860. At that time he was very popular already with many ties carriers. It make many observations, the round, where the name of this node originates. The most likely explanation is that the node has taken its name from a London gentleman’s club of the 19th century. The club was named “Four in Hand” and the gentlemen from the club have the then so popular tie knots in the renamed “Four in hand knot”. Another explanation is that “Four in Hand” is derived from the Four in hand carriage. This carriage was drawn by four horses and conducted by a coachman. It also says that this tie knot can be found in the reins of the Four in hand carriage. The least likely explanation indicates that the name comes from the four action steps that are required in order to bind this tie knot can.

Features of the Four in Hand knot:

the node is quite narrow
it has an asymmetrical shape
it is suitable for every tie thickness
it is suitable for narrow to wide shirt collar
it is suitable for all occasions

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