Dress Code

tiesOn many occasions, it is common and sometimes even a “must” to wear a tie. Think z. B. to job interviews, weddings or formal events. Below you will find an overview of several occasions when you should wear a tie.



Attire for ties – the various occasions

Formal occasions

With a tie, you look professional and reputable. For formal occasions you want to radiate this as well. A tie at such events is often unavoidable. Make sure, however, that carry a serious-looking tie. As an example, a monochrome dark blue tie and a dark blue tie with subtle stripes. In a flashy tie in bright colors or a tie with cartoon characters can be better without. Always wear a shirt in classic white.

Weddings, parties and galas chic

Is Black Tie on the invitation? Then select a black bow tie or a black tie and a festive suit. If White Tie is on the invitation, then choose a black bow tie and a tuxedo. At weddings, you can somewhat casual occur and wear a tie with hip design depending on your own preference.


You want your caller seriously. Then a tie is definitely recommended. Choose a stylish tie with a clear pattern. Or take a solid color tie, preferably in a quiet color such. As dark blue or burgundy.

In the office

Depending on the various office Rules Ties are required. On Friday is often dealt with the ruling looser dress code and you can appear more casually dressed. Ensure but in any case that, if your boss is wearing a tie, wear also a.


Previously, it was common for men to wear a tie on Sunday. This simply belonged to Sunday feeling. Sunday was a day on which everyone was wearing his best clothes and did not need to work. Today Sunday has taken a different place in our lives and there are fewer and fewer ties worn.