Double windsor

Double windsor

Double windsor

If there is a tie knot, which was the classic business suit has always been the standard, this is it. The Windsor is a very bulky knots at enormously sturdy seat.

This type of being able to tie, by the way was wrongly after the Duke of Windsor, Edward VIII., Named. Since this always wore very full tie knot in public, he also, the invention of this node was attributed. He insisted, however, on his infamous thick tie knots are only the result of broad ties with heavy crops have been, not a new form nodes.

Do not be surprised: this node there are actually two different variants. Why are both occupied with the name Windsor knot, is uncertain. We will focus here on the variant with two inner rings. But be warned: This node is not for the thick, heavy ties. Not even for particularly wide or particularly narrow tie collar. Otherwise it hangs like a bullet in the neck. In addition, you will notice that tie can also have its pitfalls. For since these nodes swallows a lot of tie length, it will almost always be too short in the first experiments. He is also not for the men with a wide neck.

The wide end depends first on the right. It must be substantially longer than the narrow end, otherwise the tie is too short! Place the wide end over the narrow and lead it through the neck strap up.

The wide end behind the narrow-around now. Keep the knot this tight so that it does not twist.
Now the wide end goes up and is inserted from above through the neck loop.
Now it is tricky: the wide end will be wrapped before the resulting nodes, thus resulting in a ring.
It is then pulled up from below through the loop.
Slide the tie end through the formed ring.
Tightening – that was about it.

If this node is once bound and lashed, he will not budge. That might explain its popularity. Because for most of classical collars he is actually a bit too thick. Finally, should never stand out from the chest the collar tips.

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