How to tie a tie

How to tie a tieWhat types of tie knots are there?

Want to know which tie knot choose best and which tie you can combine perfectly to your shirt? You all the ins and outs in the field of fashion ties be abandoned

There are up to 85 different types of tie knots. The most well-known tie knots are:



The Double Windsor Knot
The half Windsor knot
The Four in hand knot (Easy Tie Knot)

What kind of tie knot can I best choose?

What tie knot you choose depends on:

 the nature of the collar of your shirt men For example: At a Widespread collar fits a full tie knot.
the tie thickness In a tie made of thick material it is best to create a not so full tie knot. Half Windsor knot is better than all the Windsor knot! In a narrow tie, you can best decide for a whole tie knot.
the tie length and your own size, it is important that the tie tip the top of your belt easily “taps”. Do you have a fairly short tie in his hand and a rather large person? Then it may be that your tie too short fails after binding. Opt therefore for a tie knot with less many loops.
the fashion in the nineties were thin tie knot popular. At the beginning of 2000, the tie knot were always full. Nowadays, the nodes must certainly be seen, not too thin, but certainly not too thick.

Which fashion trends there are at present in the tie fashion?

Ties are becoming narrower. In the time of the rock ‘n roll, the ties were about 7 cm wide. There were also times when the ties were at least 12 cm wide! Nowadays the trend is in a width between 8 and 8.5 cm at the “normal ties” and between. 6 and 7 cm in the “narrow ties” or “Skinny Ties”.
The tie knot should be seen but not too flashy. The fine and thin tie knot is rather old news. The tie knot should now full, but should still be stylish.
Regarding the colors, you can choose any color variations. Blue and red Krawattenen are always welcome. Colors like lime green and Shocking Pink give your outfit a stylish new look. Look at the color choice on the color of your dress shirt and adjust the tie of opportunity where you want to wear it.